Modular Art

Modular art is art created by joining together standardized units (modules) to form larger, more complex compositions. In some works the units can be subsequently moved, removed and added to – that is, modulated – to create a new work of art, different from the original or ensuing configurations.
— Modular Scholar

Studio for A.R.T. and Architecture, "Rotational Paintings CB-1." Each canvas is 16 w x 16 h x 1 1/2 in. d (41 x 41 x 3.7 cm). Archival ink on museum quality canvas mounted on wood stretchers with paper backing and mounting hardware. Modules are made to order in the USA. Open edition. 2010.


Rattner’s artwork examines modular design within the context of what he has called the New Industrialism. He coined this term to denote the array of computer-driven design and fabrication methods, such as mass customization, modular design, co-creation, robotics, production on demand and open innovation that are changing the way things are made all over the globe. Rattner views this evolution as making a compelling case for revising the definitions of art and design as they have traditionally been conceived. It also opens the door to creating artwork that is affordable and accessible to a wider audience than the current marketplace allows.

His rotational paintings, network fabricated from computer files, exemplify his conviction in the viability of synthesizing human creativity with digital technology. Other works in the Studio (D)esign (I)t (Y)ourself portfolio include felt tapestries assembled from lasercut modules and a series of interlocking wall-mounted sculptures.

View a selection from the Studio portfolio here.

Rotational paintings are designed to be arranged in a grid of any size and arrangement, which means you can shape an assembly to suit your space and your tastes. All you do is measure, then hammer in a picture hook and hang; the hardware is already mounted on the reverse. The best part is deciding which side you want to be up for each canvas, because they can be oriented in any direction and still form a coherent pattern within the grouping.

Being modular, rotational paintings are re-configurable and scalable, so you can change or expand a grouping whenever you want. Canvases come in sets of three; order as many as needed to build your piece.

- From the description in the MODULE R webstore.